I am a videographer, on an amateur level. I love to shoot everything, it can be people, an event or moments. My intention is not simply to record moments, but perhaps more to create something special. I am interested in every little bits and parts, faces, emotions and even the little boy sitting in the church at the back!


The event could be a wedding, a christening, a holiday or any kind of a family action the camera is always in my hands and I am ready to create.

I mostly prefer to hide somewhere while I am working, where nobody notice, so thus a more natural footage can be made, in the very same way as it happened. On the event I will be everywhere, nothing will be missed as a special moment cannot be replayed it will not happen again. There is not another chance. If necessary I can direct, co-ordinate, or just focus on the shoot, just like in a real movie shoot. However, it is essential to have patient and time for such a work, but the results will talk to themselves, as they will be beautiful and full of emotion. It is essential to have lots of experience to produce a quality video.


Do not hesitate to take a good look at my videos, and if you like them and you can see the uniqueness, than you need me!


My motto is simply to create a unique and unforgettable video. Each of my records are different, as they are all focused on the individuals. This allows me to create something new without cliches.